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Minecraft @ Pwn9

Welcome to Pwn9's Minecraft Server Network!

At the moment, we are running only one server, which is an 1.11 Anarchy server, at the main port.

Our “Creative” server, which is non-pvp and has protected “plots” through the PlotMe plugin is offline at the moment.

You can switch between servers by using the “/server anarchy” or “/server creative” commands.

Have fun, and please obey Teh Rulez

Server Topography – Servers in and around our bungeecord network (HISTORICAL)

Rules – Rules for our Minecraft Servers

Moderators Guide – Guide for Moderators and Staff

Ranks – Ranks on Pwn9 past and present.

Tutorials – Some tutorials for players new to Pwn9, and/or for new game types.

Videos – Videos of people playing Minecraft. This will likely get split up into smaller, category-specific pages in the future.

Plugins – Bukkit/Spigot plugins developed here at

Staff – All admins, mods, guides, and other members who have helped on YASMP through the years.

Suggestions – A place for suggestions / new game dynamics, etc.

Schematics – A guide for all of the schematics we have accumulated.

Exiled – Exiled List

Server Description – Used for voting sites, mainly for historical purposes.

Voting – Voting Sites

What are we missing?

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