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Plugin Development by Pwn9 Developers

In addition to running a gaming community and hosting minecraft servers, Pwn9 also contributes to the greater community at large with useful and fun minecraft plugins.

Released Plugins

Unreleased Plugins

  • PwnRewards – Donation management system
  • PwnCombatLoggers – Preventing pvp logging, worldguard and simpleclans legacy compatible


  • Pwnership – Dropped items remain tethered to person to prevent other people from looting. Useful for a variety of situations such as KitPvP minigames to stop other people from hoarding multiple kits, or to give first-time joiners a special kit that other spawn-campers cannot horde.
  • Exploding Rabbits (working title) – rabbits exploding
  • PwnWaterFix – Extract the anti-source realistic water code from PwnPlantGrowth into a standalone plugin by request.
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